Japan: A Legacy Of Recklessness

It’s been a year since Japan’s triple disaster, and there really hasn’t been much change. Hundreds of millions of dollars poured in through generous donations from around the world, but most of the victims haven’t received any assistance. Scores of families remain living as evacuees, without basic necessities like water, or electricity. They have received no government assistance. The victims, be it the tsunami, or the radiation nightmare, simply have been forgotten by the media, their country, and the world.

As far as the man-made nuclear aspect of the disaster goes, most of the Japanese people remain in denial, even as officials finally admit that many areas in Fukushima Prefecture will never be inhabited ever again. Meanwhile, a joint study by Kyoto University, and the University of Tsukuba, estimate that the water at the mouth of the Abukumagawa river that runs through the prefecture is contaminated with radiation levels of 50 billion becquerels per day. This will prove to be disastrous for the people of Fukushima, as that river is their main water source. As the disaster in Dai-ichi continues to unfold, it is becoming evident that Japan’s nuclear nightmare has already become worse than that of Chernobyl. Tepco hasn’t even been able to get close enough to Unit 3, to even make an assessment, as to how severe the situation is at that particular reactor.

Nuclear energy companies promised clean, safe energy when they started this “atoms for peace” program. It’s quite clear that the opposite is true. Some radiation left behind by Tepco’s reckless, and unconscionable conduct will continue long after human’s are extinct. That’ll be the legacy we leave behind. Until then, generations of offspring will have to deal with attempting to maintain the mess, again and again, and again.

This generation has caused more destruction to this planet than any prior. If we don’t start becoming responsible for our actions, we won’t have to worry about our legacy, as there will be no one left to right our wrongs.

Clearly, nuclear energy is not the answer to the world’s energy demands. Even more clear, is that the only foreseeable way out of the current economic crisis, that has already lasted for more than half a decade, is for companies, and governments to investment into renewable energy technologies, such as fusion, and solar.

Hopefully, the politicians, and the corporations that seem to desire war profits, destruction, and genocide through the use of depleted uranium, another abominable waste product of nuclear “clean energy” will gain a conscience, move beyond their petty disagreements, and rise to the challenge.


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